Thursday, December 27, 2007


Found rice yogurt in Manchvegas the other day.

I've tried the vanilla. Its a bit watery and curdley, not quite as thick as soy yogurt. Not as appealing as soy yogurt and its more expensive, but hey its something.

Plus it has all those loverly good bacteria in it, and would probably be as good of an egg replacer as soy yogurt. 1/4 cup=1 egg
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Vegemommy said...

I just found out that SO Delicious makes three flavors of coconut-milk based yogurts. (Thanks, Vegan Lunchbox.) They are supposedly really good. Thought you'd like to know.

Vegemommy said...

Check out Vegan Lunchbox within the last couple weeks. They reviewed rice and coconut milk yogurt (by So Delicious) and found that the coconut milk yogurt was quite good. I plan to try it soon.