Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chickpea Miso Soy Sauce Susbstitute

Finally, I found a good substitute for soy sauce. South River Miso offers a few soy-free miso products that resemble the taste of soy sauce. I just got the chickpea barley miso and its pretty tasty, surprisingly close to its soy based cousin. Turn it into a sauce with a bit of water, or just smear it on vegetables, sushi, etc. Definitely expensive (I paid $11 for my jar!) but I figure it will last awhile since the flavor is potent.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! So glad I found you. I will share some soy-free vegan recipes I've recently found when I can find the time. In particular, an excellent homemade veggie burger. Also, I have tried the Amy's California burgers and they are quite good. I'll have to check out the chickpea miso soy sauce sub. Have you ever tried Maggie's sauce? It's available at asian grocery stores and tastes just like soy sauce. It's made from wheat.

orphe_ said...

oooh wow, that is awesome! i hope i can find some of this stuff near me. although i'm kinda bummed that the site promotes the weston price book :-\