Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vegan Rice Cheese!!

Ordering it soon for sure! The soy vegan cheese by this company is gross so I'm skeptical, but I'll post a review as soon as I try it. Has anyone sampled it yet?
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Vegemommy said...

I've tried it. It's just ok, but my two year-old likes it. I prefer making nut cheese with cashews, pimentos, lemon juice, food yeast, etc. I'm going to make it tonight for a vegan lasagna and then I'll post the recipe on my blog.

Jena said...

check out dr. cow's tree nut cheese! i haven't had it but i hear it's to die for, and raw nut cheeses are by far my favorite type of vegan cheese.

Anonymous said...

I eat it all the time and I love it. I put it on sandwiches and it melts great in the toaster oven for a grilled cheese. I say try it!